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Disney+ Releases Augmented Reality-enabled Movie With Brie Larson

Streaming service Disney+ is releasing a movie with optional augmented reality experience on its own platform for the first time.

“Remembering” (a short film produced and stars Brie Larson who plays “Captain Marvel”) has premiered for U.S. customers of the Disney+ streaming service. The film’s special twist is a companion smartphone-based Augmented Reality (AR) experience.

Disney offers an AR smartphone app for the eight-minute short film. This allows users to experience a visual extension of the TV screen on their smartphone.

Through Apple’s ShazamKit technology, the AR app “hears” audio signals in the movie. When the app detects one of these signals, it prompts users to point their smartphone at the TV for the start of the AR experience. This AR experience moves away from the typical passive streaming experience and allows for the audience a deeper way for viewer engagement.

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