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AR Technologies Enables Enhanced Visualization of Dulux Visualiser Products

A major home interiors company, Dulux Visualiser uses AR in a simple but highly effective way – to see what the walls will look like when painted a different color. Like most Marketing VR and AR technologies, it works by using a smartphone camera to detect wall edges and surfaces, letting users select the specific area that should be virtually painted.

A reviewer downloaded the app and conducted various tests, with mixed feelings about the results. While the app itself has a lot of excellent features, like the ability to match paint from furniture or fabric, as well as an extensive array of colors to choose from, the actual Marketing VR and AR functionality, had room for improvement towards stopping colors from seeping from a wall to the ceiling.

The review found that the idea of utilizing the AR functionality app was beneficial. It was a viable option for customers who do not want to head to stores or physically test out multiple paint colors on their walls.

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