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Etsy Debuts ‘The Etsy House’ – An Immersive Virtual Shopping Experience Demonstration

Etsy collaborated with leading creative visualization studio The Boundary to develop a virtual house called “The Etsy House” in September 2021 that enables users to walk through and explore curated items from Etsy’s marketplace displayed in a 360-degree visual augmented reality setting.

As Etsy explains the home:

“With photorealistic and true-to-scale renderings, seamless navigation, and 360-degree visuals, The Etsy House transports shoppers to a one-of-a-kind virtual home filled with holiday decor and gifts, Etsy Design Awards winners (both past and present), bespoke furniture and artwork, and other fun surprises. Even better, the house is shoppable – when you hover over select items, a pop-up will provide more information on the product and a link to purchase.”

The house design is fixed, and items displayed in the house are selected by Etsy. With the AR features in the IOS Etsy app, buyers can visualize items like photography, paintings, and prints as if they were hanging in their own home or office.

Want to learn more about the new features of the Etsy House?

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