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VR Enhances Claims Adjuster Training

Virtual Reality training has become a best practice at Farmers Insurance Exchange. It claims adjusters are being exposed to more scenarios and learning how to do their jobs faster with the help of VR.

In 2018, Farmers Insurance Exchange started using virtual reality to train claims adjusters. It proved successful at speeding up employee training, and a more advanced approach is being piloted and focuses on identifying and assessing claims.

In the past, novice claims adjusters learned by travelling with an experienced adjuster. Knowledge was gained with field experience and time.  Virtual Reality training accelerates that process. It virtualizes the types of problems adjusters tend to encounter. In the VR simulation, the trainee is taken through the investigation process virtually. Farmers Insurance Exchange states that it would take years to go through what their staff is able to do with virtual reality.

Leveraging gamification concepts, they were able to introduce over 500 objects on six different floor plans, thus creating up to 10,000 claims scenarios. With VR training, Farmers can train new employees and refresh existing ones, in a matter of days and months instead of years. The overall review on this method of training is a 4.7 out of 5 stars since it rolled out. Trainees are 20% more accurate in their decisions versus the traditional training methods. Farmers reported positive early feedback, noting potential savings of up to $300,000 a year from not having to pay for new hires’ travel to traditional training facilities.

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