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Virtual Reality Training Improves Safety, Performance, and Retention

Immersive learning leveraging VR simulates the challenges workers encounter on the job, which enables workers to practice what to do and stay in a safe state. Virtual Reality training can help build worker’s skills while seeing, learning, and feeling exactly what they would at the moment.

FedEx Ground is meeting the skills gap head-on, and sees training of employees efficiently and effectively as paramount, and is giving new hires a sense of what the job entails.

FedEx Ground’s Jeff Welch shares that “If we have a trainee who isn’t successful in the first run-through, he or she can go back and repeat the training experience. In a more recent training, we have also built-in coaching inside the experiences themselves to help out at the moment”. With the platform utilizing Virtual Reality training, it allows employees to go through the same experiences no matter their location, training experiences which are standardized at scale without the need for a human instructor.

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