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Fidelity Labs

Fidelity Labs

Fidelity Labs in the metaverseVR Technologies Enables Financial Record Access Via Voice Commands

Fidelity Labs, one of the most popular developments and research divisions of Fidelity Investments, collaborated with Amazon to offer its clients a more comfortable, simpler, and safer way of managing their portfolio of shares and stocks. Users just have to put on the VR headset to access the virtual reality app, named Cora’s Virtual Chart Room.

This advanced app is developed on Amazon Sumerian and offers users a friendly environment for end-users. Marketing VR is a helpful virtual adviser which provides customers with all the information about their portfolio and provides them with various opportunities to sell and buy any of the stocks depending on the latest market trends. This advanced Marketing VR and AR-based platform were developed in May 2018. Cora serves as a virtual “financial agent” that can interact with a client’s vocal commands. Cora will furthermore greet users in a VR environment and pulls up charts based on spoken cues.

Cora is designed to help its users manage their stocks in an interactive and modern manner. VR enables a level of access and mobility not always available in the real world—making people feel closer and connected to others even if they happen to be miles and continents apart.

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