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AR Technologies Enables Enhanced Visualization of a Nike Poster in its Stores

Several brands have made use of Snapchat’s AR marker tech, which allows physical objects – such as billboards, vehicles, and product packaging – to seemingly come to life. Foot Locker is an example of the utilization of Marketing VR and AR technology: with the retail brand using a Snapchat AR filter to create the illusion that LeBron James – a basketball player for the LA Lakers – is bursting out of a Nike poster in-store. The 2D image slowly morphs into a 3D digital model, speeding up into real-time as James transitions into a slam dunk.

LeBron James himself tweeted out a video of the experience, resulting in 1.25 million views in the first hour. Since then, the video has amassed over 2.2 million views, 12,441 retweets, and 50,000 likes.

A seamless and visually impressive slice of Marketing VR and AR, this example shows the power the technology holds for retailers who want to enhance the in-store experience and blend the physical and digital worlds.

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