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VR Technologies Provides a Virtual Avatar for Investment Decisions

GTE Financial, which is one of Florida’s largest credit unions, introduced “GTE 3D” in 2015. GTE 3D allows users to experience and access GTE’s financial services and expert guides through a customized web experience via Marketing VR technologies.

Marketing VR can allow its users to create their avatar to explore different products and services offered by GTE such as insurance and finance literacy info, home loans, automobile loans, investments amongst many others. Visitors can open accounts, apply for the loan by becoming a member. They can also avail services like webinars, seminars, events, and other content, including on-demand content.

The 3D experience, which is similar to playing a computer game, is designed to appeal to all ages, but will likely be especially attractive to millennials, the young adults whom credit unions see as lucrative customers in the near and mid-term future because they are buying homes and cars and starting businesses. The company’s key objective is to involve GTE Financials’ members to make their relationship more convenient, personal, and informative.

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