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HapTx Gloves Provide Assistance for VR Training

HaptX approach for its glove products utilize Microfluidic Skin in order to achieve realistic haptics (the science and technology of transmitting and understanding information through touch). The technology consists of a silicone skin that has compressed air pushed through it, which causes actuators to rise and fall in order to physically displace a user’s skin.

For HaptX’s first commercial product – the HaptX Gloves DK2 – there are 133 tactile actuators inside each glove.

The gloves also feature a force feedback mechanism that stops a person’s hands in exactly the right spot to simulate force. The gloves can deliver 40lbs of resistive force per hand.

The gloves also include a magnetic motion tracking system that provides a 30DoF tracking per hand.

One way enterprise VR customers use HaptX gloves is to build real muscle memory in VR training – (e.g. for surgical training or any manual skills training that involves using or feeling gauges, controls, switches, tools and more).

Another way customers use HaptX gloves is for design. From automakers and aircraft manufacturers, designers can physically feel their designs from the outset of the design process and save on having to make countless physical prototypes.

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