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Marketing VR and AR Makes Decorating a Home a Little Easier

The color of paint on walls can transform a room or be the touch that subtly pulls together a cohesive style and is key to the perfectly designed place. Many homeowners are faced with the challenge of figuring out what color is right. Upwards of 75% of customers decide to abandon a paint project because they cannot decide on the color they want. Paint options are nearly limitless, but once on a wall, it can look significantly different than expected due to lighting, shadows, or another décor in the room. The Marketing VR and AR technology take into account lighting, objects, and shadows in the room, so a customer can see how that yellow shade will look in real life. If a customer does not trust their judgment, he/she can also share images from the app on social media, to get a friend’s opinion.

Home Depot thus wanted to develop better technology than what was currently available and bring in Marketing VR and AR to create an actual depiction of paint color. The app considers the room’s dimension, which means a customer will get the most real-life visual of how the paint job will look like.

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