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IKEA Place Utilizes Marketing VR To Let You Virtually ‘Place’ Furnishings in Your Space

The IKEA Place app utilizes Marketing VR to allow customers to virtually “place” furnishings in their own space, so a customer can make sure the product is the right size, design, and function for their room. The app automatically scales the chosen product to the size based on the shopper’s room’s dimensions with some 98% accuracy providing a 3D view. Furthermore, the ability of Marketing VR can assist customers to see the texture of the fabric and rendering of light and shadows is among the features, too.

To visualize a product within a space, the application scans the area of a room through an iPhone or an iPad camera. Users can browse through IKEA’s online database of over 2,000 products, to select a product that best suits their ‘Place’. IKEA Place can ultimately save the user’s favorite products, share their selections on social media, and facilitate direct purchases through the IKEA website.

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Virtual Showroom: Visualize a Your Preferences with this In-store App

For AR in Sales and Marketing, the IKEA Immerse app is available in selected IKEA stores in Germany. This benchmark design application enables consumers to create, experience, and share their own configurations in a virtual living and kitchen room set.

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