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Virtual Reality Technologies Enables a Complete 3D Model of a Motor Vehicle

Jaguar Land Rover now generates a 3D model of every part of a motor vehicle so that its engineers can visualize, even look inside, every part of the vehicle to see how these fit together. These 3D models also enable its engineers to simulate the performance of the components, systems and the whole vehicle (e.g., modeling the combustion process inside the cylinder block, to maximize the efficiency of the engine).

The work in Virtual Reality has begun a revolution in how Jaguar Land Rover designs its vehicles. Computer simulations allow its engineers to visualize full-size 3D models of components, and even an entire vehicle, long before physical parts are available.

These simulations allow designers to reduce the number of costly and time-consuming design models that they need to build. If a designer created a proposal for a new instrument panel, previously he had have to build it in clay. Now he can project his design into Virtual Reality  and see it as if it is real.

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