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AR Technologies Will One Day Allow Consumers to Personalize Their Own Cars

In 2017, Jeep introduced augmented reality technology across its European dealerships to make the tech a mass marketing selling tool.

Visitors to Jeep dealerships are given a mobile device so they can see and interact with a life-sized virtual reality recreation of the Compass car and explore it via 360-degree camera options. External colors and wheel options can be interchanged, while the car’s doors can be opened to show off detailed interiors.

Jeep sees the future of car-buying in omnichannel terms and as a mixture of physical locations and AR technology. It hopes to one day offer its customers the opportunity to experience their vehicles independently without the need to visit a location or do a test drive.

One day a Jeep customer will thus be able to buy or test – drive a Jeep or Fiat car just by sitting on his/her sofa with a VR headset or by projecting the car onto his/her smart TV.

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