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Lenovo: Remote Collaboration and Immersive Learning: How ThinkReality is Helping to Make it Happen

Lenovo engineers in China and Mexico were able to work together in real time via an AR remote assistance application for a manufacturing project in Mexico. The ThinkReality A6 head mounted display was utilized by the Mexican engineers for hands-free video calling to the engineers in China. The engineers in China were then able to provide the requested information to the Mexican engineers. With assistance possible via this AR remote assistance application, the joint team completed the project as planned and on schedule even during the COVID-19 crisis.

In addition, Lenovo opened a new manufacturing plant in Budapest, Hungary. Due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions, there were around 130 Lenovo executives that were unable to travel to see this new plant.  As 2D pictures were not able to provide a true experience of seeing this plant in person, a new VR 360-degree video of this Lenovo plant was placed into a VR headset integrated to the Lenovo ThinkReality Platform. This headset was sent to all 130 executives to provide a unified 360-degree first look at the Budapest manufacturing plant.

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