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Lively Greeting Cards

Lively Greeting Cards

Lively Greeting Cards

Augmented Reality Technology is Utilized to Create AR Greeting Cards

Plynth, an AR technology company that produces marketing materials for creators and marketers, created Lively Greeting Cards.

Lively Greeting Cards lets users combine a still photo and a video to create an AR greeting card. The platform will not require users to pay for the service or download a mobile app. All users need to do is sign up on the website. With its simple instructions, anyone can create touching greeting cards using their own photos and video clips.

The company uses WebAR technology to overlay video on top of a still image, usually on printed material. Fans can view video and other exclusive content by scanning a QR code with their mobile device and holding it up to a concert ticket or postcard newsletter from the artist’s label.

Innovative technologies like AR enable people to find new ways to connect with their loved ones. AR greeting cards are a prime example of this. They allow users to celebrate special days and share the love with others through digital experiences.

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