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VR Training Has Caused an Uplift in Training Bookings & Has Already Achieved 3x ROI

Lloyd’s Register helps organizations within the energy industry with Virtual Reality training to bring safety and effective performance to their business operations. Training employees to understand how to use energy equipment is one of its key offerings. Due to the market downturn, Lloyd Register’s marketing department faced a threefold challenge to:

  1. Enhance the knowledge gained in the training classroom, creating a memorable, stimulating experience.
  2. Use technology to replicate real-life situations to test and improve learning outcomes beyond any competitors.
  3. Make it possible to train beyond the high-tech classroom facility in Houston and so create an international offering.

To address these challenges, the team provided Virtual Reality training in the form of a safety simulator. Three catastrophic industry events were created in VR and gamified. In each scenario, lives are at risk if people do not take the right action.

Since the launch, Lloyd’s Register has seen an uplift in training bookings and has already achieved 3x ROI. The company is now taking its training offering even further, which creates an AR experience where whole teams can work together to solve scenarios.

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