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VR & AR Field Service for Manufacturing Equipment

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VR & AR Field Service for Manufacturing Equipment

4VR and AR Field Service Facilitates the Installment of and Troubleshoot Manufacturing Equipment Around the World

L’Oréal has a wide range of products that require sophisticated machinery for production and packaging. Sometimes a machine requires installation or service because a part broke, new equipment needs to be installed, or the machine might require an audit. In these cases, it is not always easy to clearly explain the process over the phone, and it can be expensive to have experts travel to the site. Neglecting VR and AR field service, the traditional approach to on-site servicing can also result in significant—and costly—delays.

To solve this challenge, the company sought a way to benefit from the expertise of individuals who are not on-site. L’Oréal chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist on HoloLens 2 to enable employees in one location to see what employees in another location are looking at in real-time. They can react to the same image, use mixed-reality annotations, and share critical information even when they are physically not in the same location. While wearing the HoloLens 2 headset, users can see data, instructions, and 3-D visual images in their real-world view. They can manipulate digital objects by using their fingers to grab the corners of the object and drag it over to one side, among other gestures.

By connecting employees around the globe through VR and AR field service, L’Oréal is reducing costs, optimizing operations, and cutting down on travel—a benefit that ties directly to the company’s long-term commitment to environmental sustainability and minimizing its carbon footprint. Consequently, the use of Microsoft HoloLens 2 has significantly reduced operational and travel costs, while boosting efficiency, thus providing an immediate return on investment.

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