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Augmenting Home Improvement: How Lowe’s Innovation Labs Is Bringing Mixed Reality to Retail (A 20+ minute video)

Lowe’s (a major American retail company specializing in home improvement) is working on a Spatial Commerce app available on a Smartphone. The user will be able to scan a room for any desired room measurements, room estimates and afterward shop for desired Lowe’s products. The Lowe’s app user is able to access 3D models of a room, visualize potential Lowe’s products for purchase and additional obtain price estimates. The Lowe’s Spatial Commerce app is thus designed to make home improvement shopping as convenient as possible.

Lowe’s Augmented Associate AR powered tool furthermore enables Lowe’s associates to view a process checklist for stocking products in a warehouse or a store. After completing the stocking process, he/she can access a real-time analysis of the effectiveness of his/her stocking process.

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