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Improves Vehicle Service Speed and Worker Efficiency

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Improves Vehicle Service Speed and Worker Efficiency

AR/VR Improves Vehicle Service Speed and Worker Efficiency

To improve service speed and the safety of its workers, Mercedes-Benz is arming its dealership service technicians with a new Mercedes-Benz Virtual Remote Support system powered by Microsoft HoloLens 2. Modern vehicles are complex and high-tech. Most dealership technicians are trained for routine maintenance, but occasionally new technology problems will develop, requiring a highly trained specialist to travel to dealerships to train staff for fixing these problems. Mercedes and Microsoft’s partnership is seen to utilize AR field service with the aim to make receiving specialist help or training easier with augmented reality. (Read more into how VR/AR can impact Field Service here).

Here’s how Mercedes-Benz Virtual Remote Support will work: At the dealership, a technician seeking help with a problem will wear the HoloLens 2 headset (serving as the requisite AR field service technology), which is able to overlay a mixed reality environment with intricate 3D images and holograms atop their field of view. The technician is then linked with a Mercedes-Benz specialist working remotely who can see what the technician sees and communicate in real-time — manipulating the holographic information with annotations, highlighting areas of focus, while presenting documents and service manuals.

Mercedes-Benz Virtual Remote Support is being rolled out to all of the automaker’s 383 dealerships across the US, and the potential benefits are myriad. The on-site technicians gain experience and quick answers to maintenance questions, allowing them to work more efficiently. Amidst concerns relating to COVID-19, both the technician’s and the specialist’s safety are improved due to reduced contact. Less service-related travel also means less environmental impact and CO2 emissions. For Mercedes-Benz’s customers, this new system will bring about a quicker and more effective fix for all vehicle service problems.

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