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Virtual Reality Laboratory for Merck, One of the World’s Largest Pharmaceutical Companies

Merck was in the process of designing a new laboratory and pharmaceutical equipment for their new campus in New Jersey. Project managers at Merck wanted to learn if the proposed lab layout and equipment design would be effective for its research and development team. Merck wanted to guarantee that its scientists would have no trouble using the equipment and minimize rework to the floor plan that is common during the building process.

Merck partnered with Invonto to develop a virtual reality application that could simulate the equipment and floor plan. Using this application, Merck could gather feedback from stakeholders and make adjustments to the equipment and facilities designs prior to the build-out. This approach can ensure best outcomes from Merck’s capital investments.

Invonto engaged with Merck stakeholders to review architectural designs for the new research lab and gain understanding of the scientific processes. Merck wanted to create a virtual reality app that met their two criteria. The first criteria was to create a virtual lab environment with high quality 3D models to achieve a realistic look. The second criteria was to make the virtual lab interactive, simulating interactions users would expect in the physical lab and working with the equipment.

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