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Metaverse Ideas From CES 2022

Metaverse Ideas From CES 2022

Metaverse Ideas From CES 2022

Over two thousand companies descended on Las Vegas last week for the annual tech exhibition CES, which is organized by the Consumer Technology Association. Given the way that the last year has gone you can probably guess the conference’s buzzword.

Hint: It was “metaverse.” Ina Fried, writing in Axios, joked that “Many CES observers suggested a drinking game in which keynote watchers took a shot every time the metaverse was mentioned—but that would have been a recipe for alcohol poisoning.” Nima Zeighami, who works in the immersive technology industry and was at the conference, posted an extremely entertaining and derisive Tweet thread chronicling all of the uses of the word “metaverse” on various ads and branding exercises.

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