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AR Displays and Demonstrates Prosthetic Products

Ottobock, a manufacturer and supplier of prosthetic limbs, wanted a way of using technology to demonstrate its products and ensure the brand was seen as an innovator. Many of its products are highly technical, with various working parts and mechanisms that provide ongoing ‘nature’ mobility to users, so this is difficult to exhibit to its potential customers (such as NHS).


Mustard Design developed an AR application that allows staff to display a CGI version of three prosthetic products when pitching for contracts by scanning relevant sales literature. The application utilizes Marketing VR and AR to demonstrate a fully functioning prosthetic that was interactive, allowing the prospective organization to see how the product would function. Using the camera of the device, it was possible to ‘cut’ through the CGI version of the prothesis to understand the inner workings of the device. This allowed never-before access to the components of each piece of technology as it performed its various functions.


A key challenge that is seen is finding innovative ways to show off a highly technical, but visually uninspiring product. Ottobock utilized cutting-edge technology in its Marketing VR and AR technology to create an engaging way of showing why its products are the market leaders.

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