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The Pharmacy Group

First Metaverse Pharmaceuticals

The Pharmacy Group

World’s First Metaverse Pharmacy to Open in Decentraland

The market impact of the Metaverse on the pharmaceutical industry will take effect with the opening of the first Metaverse pharmacy.

iMining Technologies announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Metaverse Advisory Group, has partnered with Noman Qureshi who manages multiple pharmacies in the Greater Toronto area (the “Pharmacy Group”), to assist the Pharmacy Group with developing and executing its digital and metaverse-related strategies.

The world’s first Metaverse pharmacy aims to improve medication adherence by providing patients with the ability to set up automatic refill reminders for prescription medications that are delivered directly to their homes.

The metaverse pharmacy will also allow customers to schedule appointments for pharmacy services, such as online consultations with licensed pharmacists.

The pharmacy in the metaverse will be launched on the ground floor of the iMining Towers in the Decentraland metaverse.

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