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Reebok Launches AR Tool To Unlock Neighborhood Basketball Courts

As part of their FW21 basketball campaign, Reebok launched ‘Courting Greatness’, an AR tool that lets kids and teens interact with their own full-size basketball court in an attempt to celebrate players of all ages on a local level.

When one launches the experience on his/her smartphone—which doesn’t require any type of app or download— he/she will be able to roughly map out a potential basketball court using some chalk or tape to mark the boundaries.

These AR playspaces feature everything one might find on a regulation-sized basketball court, including free-throw and three-point lines, the keys, and 10-foot hoops. All one has to do is find a suitable empty location and tap on his/her phone to automatically generate an AR court.

To help emphasize the importance of Reebok’s AR tool, the athletic company partnered with artists in different cities to create playable basketball art installations built entirely using found materials.

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