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Siemens Industrial Metaverse

Siemens has taken a pioneering and strategic approach to doing business successfully in the Metaverse. Peter Korte, Siemens’ Chief Technology and Strategy Officer, recently said: “We don’t claim that we know what the Metaverse is, but we have an idea of what it could be, and we want to shape it.” What Korte and other Siemens executives know is if Siemens can put their stakes down in the industrial Metaverse space early on, it will propel Siemens’ own transformation plan to become a more digital, software platform-driven, engineering firm.

Let’s now dig into some details about how Siemens is delivering on their B2B industrial Metaverse vision. Implementation of this vision falls under the responsibility of Siemens’ Digital Industries division, whose CEO – and this is quite important — is also a member of the Siemens management board. For context, Siemens Digital Industries division focuses on creating tools for designing, testing, and manufacturing physical products like cars, airplanes, computer chips and consumer goods.

Want to learn more about the four key accomplishments Siemens is seeing as pioneers in the industrial Metaverse?

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