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AR Technology Can Provide In-Stadium Engagement Features

Professional sports teams and stadiums are now adding Marketing VR and features to their apps as they invest in mobile features in stadiums to appeal to fans who do not leave home without a smartphone. Sports fans are embracing mobile technology to stay connected with their teams and to share their experiences among communities of enthusiasts. Sports apps, in general, promote team spirit, provide instant news updates, and can be used to create tailored content based on an individual fan’s preferences to enhance the viewing experience. In an attempt to deepen engagement with loyal football fans both at games and at home, NFL teams and the organization as a whole have enlisted mobile tech in fresh ways by deploying new features via AR for in-stadium engagement.

StubHub added a Marketing VR and AR feature to the Apple version of its StubHub app for 2018 Super Bowl ticket buyers. The iPhone app’s “immersive view” displayed a 3-D view of the game venue in Minneapolis, for the National Football League’s championship game. Super Bowl attendees who select the special ticket shopping experience on the StubHub app can point their mobile device at an open surface to view a 3-D rendering of the stadium. The app lets them toggle between the stadium and surrounding area, exploring parking lots and the blue and green Metro lines for wayfinding. The app also shows StubHub’s ticket pickup location and the brand’s pre-Super Bowl party, “StubHub Live: The Field House.” When users tapped on a location within the AR experience, additional information such as street address and event start time appeared.

StubHub’s use of AR shows how the technology can be applied beyond gaming and home decor to provide added value for mobile users purchasing tickets to a live event. If the activation is a success, AR in sales and marketing-based services could be added for future venues and events.

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