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AR Improves Damage Estimation for Insurance Companies

Symbility Video Connect is a live video communication solution enhanced by AR that allows customers to send their claims to insurers in real-time. With this tool, policyholders can communicate with insurance adjusters to fully and remotely inspect the damaged property. Symbility Video Connect allows customers to use the built-in camera on the policyholder’s mobile device to collect all the necessary information regarding case consequences.

Augmented reality can help adjusters remotely determine the damaged area of various objects and provide 360° assessment by using photos of the damage and building 3D models from them. With the use of AR field service, technical specialists can understand the damage volume by overlaying object images representing the object condition before and after the accident. Taking into account: collected and processed information, adjusters can measure the dimensions of damaged parts and calculate the required repair costs. With digital building plans and the installation of sensors on a damaged building, insurance inspectors can accurately review all damaged parts of the building. Using AR field service enabled solutions, inspectors can look behind the building walls and determine the location of a gas line or fire epicenter.

This solution helps adjusters collect both documents and data needed to estimate the damage and define the services required in real-time. It allows insurers to maintain customer claims in a much faster way and across a wide geographic location. By leveraging the customer’s smart device, adjusters gain remote visual access to the claim object. They can pause or live video, highlight any point of their interest, and save necessary images and facts to the customer’s claim. The primary value of this solution for insurance experts is the capability to precisely estimate the damage without physically being situated within the cause area. They can take and zoom pictures remotely while being sure that the claim details are accurate and not overestimated by a policyholder with the intent to get more significant compensation.

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