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Virtual and Augmented Reality Enables Enhanced Viewing of Media Content

The Guardian released its first Virtual and Augmented Reality project in April 2016 called 6×9, which put viewers in the shoes of a prisoner in solitary confinement. For that project, the company worked with VR content producer The Mill, using just one permanent member of its own staff. The project was hosted in a physical location in London and was later shown in the White House.

In November 2016, The Guardian put together a five-person team dedicated to Virtual and Augmented Reality in publishing, including a commercial strategy director to work with advertisers. Also in November, the newspaper released a second VR in publishing project, “Underworld”. Both of these projects were launched on The Guardian VR app.

Adam Foley, the commercial strategy director on the team told Digiday: “We’re in a very strong position to lead the market and build on the success of our first two VR projects.”

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