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Utilization of Marketing VR To Create a Virtual Fitting Room To Increase Sales and Awareness

 The idea of trying on items in a dressing room is often seen to put off a customer from shopping. Customers have said, “I’ll buy it, try it on at home, and return it if I don’t like it”, just to avoid the inconvenience of carrying a bunch of clothes into a dressing room line.

Timberland utilized Marketing VR and AR to create a virtual fitting room to bring convenience and comfort to customers. Timberland utilized Kinect motion-sensing technology for its virtual fitting room to allow shoppers to see themselves in different outfits. This approach gave an incredible result. People queued in droves just to use the AR fitting service, and many of them became customers.

Timberland created unique value via Marketing VR and AR with an entertainment feed that increased sales, which is seen as a new level of marketing. People are willing to share the results of an affordable fitting and, becoming brand advocates themselves in the process.

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