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Universal Pictures Uses Sound to Trigger Augmented Reality Horror Experience for ‘Candyman’ Movie

In a 2021 promotion for the film Candyman, Universal Pictures launched a web-based AR experience that lets one engage in one of the film franchise’s signature horror moments.

The film, which is a reboot of the cult classic original 1992 film, is about a ghost/demon named Candyman. When a person says Candyman’s name five times while looking into a mirror, he suddenly appears behind him/her, and attacks!

Increasingly, web-based AR is becoming a staple of Hollywood AR marketing, with varying results. In this case, the Candyman AR experience really stands out as an incredibly accurate representation of the horror film franchise.

When one says Candyman’s name a couple of times, the film’s trademark bees (a sign Candyman is coming!) begin to hover around the person’s face and follow the person if he/she moves his/her face position.

Want to learn more about the Candyman AR experience?

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