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4Employees Using VR Outperform Their Counterparts

Immersive learning leveraging VR enables Verizon to re-create interactions with tier-one business customers, which can be hard to do with traditional learning methods. The company provided Virtual Reality training, for example, to help call center employees build de-escalation and empathy skills, intending to transform the customer experience during sensitive, business-critical conversations. The Virtual Reality training is also seen to help call center employees understand a customer’s point of view by virtually putting them on the other end of the phone.

When piloting the experience, Verizon compared the results of employees who were trained with VR and those who weren’t, looking at key performance indicators, including net promoter score, customer satisfaction rates, and call resolution. Vice President of global learning and development of Verizon, Lou Tedrick states “The folks who were trained using the VR experience…outperformed their counterparts”.

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