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Fisk University to Use Virtual Reality Laboratory Developed by VictoryXR to Teach Biology Students

VictoryXR, in collaboration with Fisk University, HTC VIVE and T-Mobile, announced in August 2021 that the companies have teamed up to launch an interactive 5G-powered virtual reality (VR) human cadaver lab for Fisk University students in pre-med and biology-related majors.

This new model of learning will combine an in-person classroom experience with 5G-powered VR technology, enabling students to explore the complete skeletal structure, muscle structure and the eleven human organ systems while still engaging in-person with their classmates and instructors.

Inside the lab, students will be able to examine the internal organs of various human systems, and professors will even be able to remove organs from the body and pass them around for students to hold and open. The virtual lab will also allow students to enlarge the objects they are interacting with to a size large enough where they can step inside to better learn how it works.

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