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Augmented Reality Shortens Training Time for Factory Staff

Millennials being a generation that grew up on video games, smart glasses, and computers are seen to prefer Augmented Reality (AR) as a mode of learning. Programs that are enhanced by AR have seen help minimize manufacturer’s training costs, speed up the training process, as well as capitalize on experienced employee’s knowledge through telepresence and first-person training.

AR can even allow manufacturers to include training right into production activities. The use of AR and Virtual Reality training can assist in new employees being deployed quicker, with the aid of technology such as Smart Glasses to guide them through step-by-step instructions on what is required to operate effectively.

The automotive industry is seen as a key adopter of Smart Glasses, the high variability of the modern vehicle assembly line presents manufacturing challenges that can’t be solved by automation alone. These complex processes in the automotive industry require a smart device as well as AR and Virtual Reality training to enable workers of all skill levels to deal with variability.

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