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Virtual Reality Training Cuts Employee Training Time by 96%

Virtual Reality (VR) has been seen to assist immersive learning, which has brought a variety of benefits to several Fortune 500 companies and their training programs.

As an example, Walmart has utilized immersive learning to train employees in customer service skills. During the inception of Virtual Reality training, there has been a 30% increase in employee satisfaction, 10% to 15% higher knowledge retention, and 70% of the time employees scored higher on tests (see how IKEA utilizes VR/AR). As a result, Walmart has since rolled out more than 17,000 VR headsets throughout their U.S. stores, so more than one million employees can learn key skills.

With Virtual Reality training and immersive learning being present in training programs, Walmart has cut training time by 96% to just 15 minutes. Walmart ultimately identified that the utilization of immersive training can train employees just as efficiently as a coach would.

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