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Virtually ‘Try-on’sGlasses

Warby Parker

Virtually ‘Try-on’sGlasses

Utilization of Marketing VR and AR to Virtually ‘Try-on’ Glasses

Buying a pair of glasses online is problematic, since finding the right look for you using photos does not work much of the time.

Warby Parker thinks it has come up with a better way, by rolling out a new feature in its app called Virtual Try-On. The feature uses an iPhone’s AR capabilities and selfie camera to put a digital pair of glassed on a person’s face. The company, which has been seen to help pioneer online glasses shopping, is part of a growing set of e-retailers who are utilizing Marketing VR and AR to improve a customer’s online shopping experience.

Warby Parker claims that its adoption of Marketing VR and AR can offer accurate measurements of frames, as well as their color and texture, on a three-dimensional face of a customer.

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