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AR Technologies Enables Quick and Easy Management of Bank Accounts

Embracing the power of Marketing VR and AR technology, Westpac Bank in New Zealand launched their Augmented Reality Mobile app in 2014 with many interactive features which changed the way customers manage their bank accounts. Their app allows the customers to scan their debit or credit card with their phone’s camera for managing their bank accounts.

Features of the Westpac Bank app included allowing customers to check their credit and debit card balances, seeing their last five transactions, spend locations, categories spending over five weeks, be alerted when payments are due, making payments, check their hot points balances, and finding the closest Westpac NZ branch and ATM.

Overlaid on that card, customers can see their current balance, spending in the last two weeks, categories they have spent most on, and future payments due on their credit cards. They can also complete their due payments through the Augmented Reality payment gateways seamlessly. The Westpac Bank’s banking app’s UI provides the customers useful analytics and transaction details through augmented reality data visualizations that help them understand their spending patterns over time. Their HotPoints catalog is also integrated into the banking app which allows customers to shop using Augmented Reality.

Westpac Bank has also added a Marketing VR and AR feature to help users get to their nearest ATMs in all of their international locations across the globe. The locator will also work internationally to find any ATM Global Alliance machine.

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