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CRM Strategy & Implementation

A good CRM program makes it easy to follow up on leads and tend to customer needs. A great CRM program lets you anticipate them.

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of CRM

Industry-leading programs that turn customers into fans and potential into profits

Does your CRM program impact the growth of your business and inspire loyalty? It should. 

Any and every CRM program manages all your company's relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers; that’s a given. But having the right plan in place makes your customer feel valued, allowing you to understand the needs and preferences that drive their purchasing decisions. It’s a decision that could mean the difference between keeping up with your competition and blowing past them.

Barton's Thought Leadership

A good CRM program makes it easy to follow up on leads and tend to customer needs. A great CRM program lets you anticipate them. 

The right formula is simple, but not always easy.  Common CRM struggles include difficulty integrating CRM programs with other business applications, creating comprehensive customer profiles, and realizing effective returns on investment. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact it shouldn’t. If you’ve found yourself contemplating concerns like:

  • “We made a large investment in CRM, but we are not seeing the increased revenues, decreased costs, and/or enhanced customer engagement we were expecting; how can we turn this around?”
  • “Our CRM user adoption rates are way below expectation; how do we reverse this?
  • “Our CRM technology is out of sync with many of our core sales, marketing, and customer service business processes; can this be fixed?”

You’re missing a crucial component in converting sales, developing highly-informed, targeted efforts and countless opportunities to know your customer better. 

For a limited time, all who engage ISM for a Health Check or Readiness Assessment will receive up to 10 complimentary copies of Barton's latest book: The Definitive Guide to Social CRM.

The Definitive Guide to Social CRM Book

ISM’s CRM Services

ISM’s core service offerings are customized to provide the greatest impact on your customer relationship management journey. Key CRM service offerings include:

ISM will help you cut through the technology clutter so that you can focus on the right long-term CRM people/process/technology investments.

The ISM Difference

It’s not by accident that ISM clients consistently exceed their CRM goals and metrics. It’s by design.

Since 1985, ISM has led the CRM industry in successful CRM implementations. Our top-down/bottom-up methodology, our focus on getting the people/process/technology mix right, our emphasis on creating an impactful customer profile, our infamous ‘3X’ factor all have contributed to hundreds of seamlessly integrated CRM programs that realize returns on investment. 

With more than 3 decades of CRM thought leadership and experience, ISM is the Industry Gold Standard for CRM Strategy and Successful Implementation. ISM president Barton Goldenberg has authored 3 ‘best seller’ CRM books, written hundreds of CRM articles, and provides CRM keynotes all over the world.  

We will help you understand how best to market, sell and service digital customers. We will work with you to create a multi-year CRM Strategy & Implementation Plan that tightly links CRM to your overarching business strategy and objectives and ensures your organization’s long-term digital success. We are uniquely positioned to make this difference through:

Proven CRM implementation methodologies and support

A metrics-based approach to driving successful CRM outcomes

100% objectivity from all CRM technology vendors & implementation partners

A history of success implementing CRM at world-class, global B2B, B2B2C, and B2C organizations

An engagement model that utilizes only seasoned ISM executives

The ability to help you at any stage of your CRM journey including process enhancements, technology vendor selection, organization change management, re-engineering of legacy systems and more

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