Strategy & Implementation Roadmaps

Let Our Structured Methodology Build Your Roadmap to Success

ISM Roadmap

ISM’s CRM Strategy and Implementation Roadmap consists of a highly-structured, logical progression of steps that fully assess your company’s customer-centric needs and opportunities.  It also provides a prioritized guide to execution including project requirements, software/implementation-partner selection and implementation assistance.

Based on our philosophy that successful strategies involve 50% People…30% Process…20% Technology, our three-to-five-year Roadmaps employ a “Top-Down/ Bottom-Up” approach that blends management vision with operational priorities to deliver sustainable results.

ISM builds CRM Strategy and Implementation Roadmaps in these areas:

  • CRM
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Social Media Communities
  • eCommerce (includes Identity Resolution)
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Engaged Customer Strategy

Each Strategy and Implementation Roadmap articulates your customer-centric strategy and vision, assesses your customer-facing business processes, evaluates your technical environment and your company’s readiness for change, prioritizes your business functional needs, guides your software vendor selection process and recommends steps for implementation.

ISM Strategy & Implementation Roadmap

Here are the key components of our Strategy & Implementation Roadmap, many of which we also offer as stand-alone services:

  • One-Day CRM Executive Briefing
  • Customer-Centric Strategy Design & Implementation
  • Business Process Assessment, Design & Implementation
  • Change Readiness Assessment, Design & Implementation
  • Technical Assessments, Design & Implementation
  • Software Vendor & Implementation Partner Selection
  • Business Case Development
  • Pre & Post-Launch Assessments


  • A customer-centric strategy & vision tightly linked to your organization’s strategic direction
  • Business process, operational and technical assessments, including identification of quick-wins
  • Prioritized business functional requirements, derived from best-in-class business processes
  • Vendor-independent software recommendations
  • Assistance selecting and negotiating with software vendors/partners
  • A metrics-based business case, including ROI
  • Ongoing change management activities


  • A well-defined customer-centric vision and strategy
  • Prioritized business requirements
  • Enhanced customer-facing business processes
  • Appropriate software solutions
  • Organization-wide buy-in and commitment
  • Implementation oversight so initiatives get delivered on time and on budgets

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