Implementation Services

CRM Implementation Services

ISM Executive BriefingOur CRM implementation services include critical leadership and support as Strategic Advisors, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and also as tactical support augmenting key staff during transitions or hiring. Following is a brief overview of potential roles for our implementation services.

  • Strategic Advisors to act as an “ad hoc” member of the CRM steering committee responsible for strategic input relevant to attaining the key objectives of the CRM vision, strategy, business case, governance, roadmap and related people, process and technology considerations.
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME’s) to support internal staff in the critical areas of:

    • Program and project management.
    • Enterprise-level process decision-making, development and implementation in the core areas of sales, marketing and service.
    • Development of corporate change management programs including communications/training approaches, materials and delivery.
    • Design of enterprise technical architecture and infrastructure.
    • Design and development of enterprise data management, customer hierarchy, and business analytics approach.
  • Staff Augmentation to fill potential “gaps” during transition or hiring. Examples of critical roles include:

    • Interim Program and Project Manager.
    • Process Lead.
    • Technical Lead.
    • Training Lead.
    • Communications Lead.
    • Other business or technical support resources as needed (e.g., UAT specialist, business analyst, etc.).

Additional details concerning our CRM implementation services are as follows:

Strategic Advisors

  • Preparation of an implementation roadmap (CRM and Technical).
  • Attend and actively participate in recurring steering committee meetings as the “ad hoc” CRM expert. Note: Attendance typically a combination of in-person and phone/web.
  • Contribute to follow-up actions resulting from SC meetings.
  • Individual monthly consultation meetings with the executive sponsor and program manager.
  • Review of major milestone deliverables (e.g., CRM roadmap, project plan, design, training program, etc.).
  • Attendance of key meetings (e.g., initial brain dump to vendor, initial requirements gathering, design review/collaboration, initial training design).
  • Monitoring and key advice relevant to the attainment of vision, goals and metrics.
  • Strategic advice in the key areas of people, process and technology leadership and management.

Program/Project Management

Assistance in this area can include acting as the SME providing advice to an existing program/project manager or acting in the role of interim program or project manager. Typical duties include:

  • Develop the project plan and align with the roadmap.
  • Proactively manage the project scope, schedule and budget.
  • Manage internal team leads.
  • Interface with internal IT management as needed.
  • Manage the CRM vendor including schedule, budget and change request management.
  • Risk identification and mitigation.
  • Interface/reporting to the steering committee.
  • Transition the program to internal management.

Process Development/Enhancement

Assistance in this area can range from ongoing mentoring/assistance to a lead role. Key duties include:

  • Prioritization and scoping of enterprise-level process development required for successful CRM implementation.
  • Design and development of Core “To Be” and “As Is” processes (e.g., customer profile, activity management, opportunity management) in preparation for CRM implementation including the use of industry best practices, documentation, monitoring and updates.
  • Business analyst mentoring/collaboration for coordination of processes with CRM technical requirements.


CRM Implemantation services in this area can range from ongoing mentoring/assistance to a full-time role. Key duties include:

  • Technical steering committee ad hoc member.
  • Develop and monitor CRM technology roadmap.
  • Risk identification and risk mitigation.
  • Performance planning – develop performance approach and plan for potential CRM proof of concept to validate infrastructure needed to support CRM performance.
  • Technical Design Review.
  • Go Live planning including cutover and mock conversion approach, performance planning and testing approach.
  • Enterprise architecture and integration strategy – regional vs. centralized, SaaS vs. On-premise, etc.

Data Management and Analytics

Assistance in this area can range from ongoing mentoring/assistance as an SME to a full-time technical lead role. Key duties include:

  • Preparation of a data management plan and guidelines for use of CRM as the account/contact system of record.
  • Management of data cleanup and import into CRM.
  • Development of a customer segmentation and analytics approach.
  • Data Q/A.
  • Guidance for evolving the program into a long-term business intelligence strategy.


Assistance in this area can range from ongoing mentoring/assistance to a full-time role. Key duties include:

  • Preparation of a training development approach for end users, managers and executives.

    • Note: Administrator and developer training are typically provided by vendor.
  • Vendor negotiations for application specific training material development.
  • Development of process/role specific new and remedial training materials for end users and managers.
  • Training Deployment (face-to-face, web or virtual training tool).


Assistance in this area can range from ongoing mentoring/assistance to a full-time role. Key duties include:

  • Refinement of the communications plan.
  • Preparation of CRM messaging/articles (i.e., industry specific and AEW specific).
  • Designing, implementing and analyzing periodic user and customer surveys.

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