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Implementation Services

Technology Implementation

Delivering on the Promise of your Customer-Centric Strategy

Business Process Improvements Must Precede Technology Implementation

Few companies achieve a successful customer-centric software implementation on the first try. In fact, many mature businesses have written off at least one significant investment in a customer-centric solution. Lack of success often comes back to a lack of critical resources and understanding of how to balance and manage the people, process and technology challenges inherent in any technology project. ISM’s time-tested approach addresses each of these elements holistically to ensure the success of our clients’ customer-centric initiatives.

Our proven methodology takes into account each client’s unique strategic objectives, processes, culture and systems-integration needs. We have accumulated extensive knowledge of best practices in each of our core focus areas, and we have found that success inevitably depends on the degree to which these best practices are followed. When properly deployed, we know from experience that our clients’ customer-centric programs can achieve sustainable user adoption and produce a significant return on investment.

ISM’s implementation services offer critical leadership and support as Strategic Advisors and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) during the implementation process. Services are provided in can be provided in either a consulting or staff augmentation approach. Following is a brief overview of key roles relevant to each approach.

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ISM offers implementation consulting services in these areas (click on each link for more details):


A typical consulting arrangement could include any or all of the following roles:

Strategic Advisors work with key client staff to:

  • Provide best-in-class input as a steering committee member
  • Collaborate and mentor the program manager
  • Perform ongoing reviews and provide critical input to major deliverables (e.g., roadmap, project plan, design, etc.)
  • Monitoring and advice relevant to the attainment of vision, goals and metrics
  • Strategic advice in the key areas of people, process and technology leadership and management.

    Subject Matter Expert (SMEs)
    to support internal staff in the critical areas of:
  • People: (e.g, change management, training and communications, program development and execution).
  • Process: (e.g., documentation of existing processes and the development of new processes including design and implementation).
  • Technology: (e.g., performance planning, technical design reviews, enterprise architecture & infrastructure design, data management plans, design and implementation).
  • Program and Project Management: (e.g., project plans, project scope, schedule and budget management, management of internal team leads, management of technology vendors, steering committee reporting).

Staff Augmentation Clients are often caught without key resources during transition periods due to leaves of absence, personnel departures and other staffing constraints. ISM can fill in for key roles on a part or full-time basis as needed. Roles ISM has successfully fulfilled for past clients include:

  • Program and Project Manager
  • Process Lead
  • Technical Lead
  • Training Lead
  • Communications Lead
  • Other business or technical support resources as needed (e.g., UAT specialist, business analyst, etc.)
  • ISM provides the resources needed to complement our client’s staff to ensure the program meets overall objectives and each phase is delivered on time, on budget and on-schedule.



  • Organizational Readiness Review and Resource Plan: Resource review to determine areas of need with respect to internal role adjustment, specialized training and ISM participation
  • Strategic Advisors: Senior-level strategic advisors in any of ISM’s core focus areas
  • Subject Matter Experts: SMEs as needed in the critical areas of people, process, technology and program/project management.
  • Best Practices: Industry knowledge, templates and methodologies needed to enhance productivity and attain desired results.



  • Assurance the program will deliver desired objectives and be completed on-time and on-budget
  • Ability to maintain program momentum during periods of inadequate resources
  • Enhanced risk management through access to industry best practices and practical experience
  • Counter-balance to internal and vendor perspectives to enhance decision-making and successful outcomes
  • Sounding board and collaboration channel for key client personnel (e.g., executive sponsor and program manager)

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