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Metaverse Strategy & Implementation

By expanding into the Metaverse, you can:

Lower field service costs by up to 75%

Achieve up to a 60% improvement in training content recall and retention

Grow revenues up to 50% through immersive customer engagements

"Barton’s Virtual Reality keynote covered trends and relevant, thought-provoking data points tailored to our audience.  He not only got the audience excited about the topic, but also provided specific tools to help them create the business cases required. 

We appreciated Barton’s input so much, we asked him to continue supporting our business case teams through their development process!"

Hallie Harenski, Sr VP at Crum & Forster

ISM's XR/Metaverse Offerings

  • new Apple Vision Pro user

    XR/Metaverse Bootcamp

    FREE, customized Executive Bootcamp.

  • Metaverse - Revival

    Metaverse Strategy

    We help you create and implement your Metaverse Strategy.

  • Industrial Metaverse

    Metaverse Pilot

    We help you create and implement your Metaverse pilot.

  • MetaverseDeath

    Metaverse Health Check

    This is for companies that have XR-VR-AR initiatives and seek to optimize their implementation.

Is your company ready to do business successfully in the Metaverse?

Blockbuster. Borders. Xerox. History has shown us what happens to brands that fail to innovate in time. The moment won’t wait and neither should you.

It's hard to conceptualize the opportunity available in the rapidly expanding world of the Metaverse (or "Virtual World") and where you fit in. But that’s not stopping this gold rush.

Within 5 years 70% of brands will have a presence in the Metaverse. By 2025, 25% of adults will spend at least 1 hour a day in the Metaverse and by 2030 Gen Z will spend 50% of their time in the Metaverse.

Barton's Thought Leadership

Don’t Let Your Competition Get to the Metaverse First.

Now’s the Time to Jump In

ISM provides end-to-end Metaverse services to ensure you do business successfully.

Leading Fortune 200 companies leverage Metaverse technology to provide an immersive experience for their customers, lower costs and extract revenues from the Metaverse. We can help you get up to speed on how brands are showing up. 

We’ve been chartering this unchartered territory and it is evident in what we can offer. ISM’s Metaverse services target company’s sales, marketing, customer service, and field service executives. We help these executives to become pioneers that lead their company’s Metaverse efforts.

Many executives start by engaging us to perform a customized, 2-hour XR/Metaverse Bootcamp.  We can create and implement your Metaverse Strategy to include your VR Training program, create and implement your Metaverse pilot, keep you updated via our Metaverse advisory services, or perform a Metaverse health check.  To ensure you do business successfully in the Metaverse, we leverage our proven, Metaverse 8-step methodology.

Our partners include Silicon Valley guru Tim Bajarin, PolycountNext Media PartnersLenovoVuzix, and others.

The future is now and so is the incredible opportunity.

If you’ve been curious about the Metaverse, don’t miss out on the momentum. Schedule a call with ISM to discuss how you can do business successfully in the Metaverse.

The Metaverse Resource Center

Find helpful articles, videos, use cases and MORE at our extensive Metaverse Resource Center.

The Definitive Guide to Social CRM Book

Secure your free copy of Barton's latest book

For a limited time,

all who participate in ISM's Metaverse Bootcamp will receive

up to 10 complimentary copies of Barton's latest book:

The Definitive Guide to Social CRM.



ISM's Metaverse Services

ISM provides end-to-end Metaverse services to ensure you do business successfully in the Metaverse.

We provide XR (VR/AR/MR) services pre-implementation, during implementation, and post-implementation to organizations wishing to successfully do business in the Metaverse (also referred to as the ‘Virtual World’). Our services include:

  • Share with you how other organizations in your industry are leveraging the Metaverse/virtual world to drive brand awareness, enhance customer experience and engagement, increase sales and lower costs through their Metaverse/virtual world engagement
  • Provide direction to you on your best options to successfully do business in the Metaverse/virtual world
  • Work with your executive team to ensure they are all on board and aligned with the Metaverse/virtual world vision and program
  • Ready you for Metaverse/virtual world success by ensuring your Metaverse/virtual world business processes and change management activities are in place and aligned with your organization’s strategy and goals
  • Perform a technical assessment of your current and future technology roadmap and make recommendations for your successful entry into the Metaverse/virtual world
  • Assist with identifying which XR/Metaverse technology platform offers the best solution based on our knowledge and understanding of your intended Metaverse/virtual world goals
  • Develop your Metaverse/virtual world site
  • Provide continued technical support to you for ongoing platform changes/updates
  • Provide onboarding/hosting support to you, including having a team available for last-minute updates and product incorporations
  • Review and/or create your 3-year Metaverse/virtual world business strategy
  • Review and/or create your quarterly Metaverse/virtual world 3-year implementation roadmap
  • Develop your Business Case for their Metaverse/virtual world program
  • Implement required program management for your Metaverse/virtual world initiatives to ensure their success
  • Monitor and measure your Metaverse/virtual world efforts and make recommendations as appropriate to ensure your success

The ISM Difference

  • We have 75+ years combined consulting years successfully applying technology to improve business results
  • We are thought leaders in Metaverse (VR-AR-XR); founders of the Metaverse Resource Center, and keynote speakers at AWE XR Conferences
  • Our ‘8-Steps to Do Business Successfully in the Metaverse’ methodology is the industry Gold Standard
  • We share Metaverse best practices to ensure you create and implement the best Metaverse program
  • We have extensive knowledge of Metaverse applications, vendors, and implementation partners
  • We partner with a world-class team of Metaverse design and implementation experts
  • Tim and Barton are actively involved in each Metaverse engagement
  • We deliver on-time, on-budget engagements

Ready to Become a Metaverse Pioneer?

For additional information about ISM’s Metaverse services,
call (301) 656-8448 or schedule below to get started.

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