Readiness Assessments

Know You Are Ready Before You Begin

ISM Review of CRM People/Process/Technology issues

Companies planning to improve sales, marketing or customer-service effectiveness through automated customer relationship management must first make sure they are ready to take the plunge. This is the purpose of an ISM Readiness Assessment.  Even if glaring needs exist and management is fully committed, simply adding new capabilities to old systems, automating poor processes, or counting on people to change how they work can lead to failure.

At ISM, we know that an optimal mix of three crucial components –  people, process, and technology – is critical to most initiatives in today’s automation environment.  We apply a structured, “Top-Down, Bottom-Up” methodology that takes account of both executive vision and organizational realities to determine what is working well and to identify gaps in any of these areas of focus:

  • CRM
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Social Media Communities
  • eCommerce (includes Identity Resolution)
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Engaged Customer Strategy

Our three-week Organizational Readiness Assessment in any of the above areas includes:

Review of your existing customer-centric strategy

  • Does your existing technology support your customer-centric strategy?
  • Do your customer-centric activities align with your overall business strategy and direction?
  • How can strategic alignment be improved?

Technical Assessment

  • Review your existing customer-centric systems to determine whether you can better utilize your current software investment
  • Determine whether new functionality can be added to existing legacy systems
  • Identify technology gaps

Organizational/Operational Assessment

  • Dig into cultural issues including user adoption to determine whether your current customer-focused efforts are being optimized
  • Review current/planned training resources, current communications activities, current governance structure and other “people” issues

Business Process Assessment

  • Examine business processes and workflow requirements
  • Compare against best-in-class business processes
  • Recommend improvements


  • Interviews with senior executives and site visits with functional-level sales, marketing & customer service personnel across your organization
  • A comprehensive written report that provides an assessment of your current strengths and opportunities
  • Detailed recommendations and next steps for correcting people/process/technology issues and moving your organization to its desired state?


  • A clear-eyed understanding of where your organization stands today with respect to its customer-centric activities, and what needs to change to take it where its leadership wants it to go
  • Concrete, actionable recommendations for addressing people, process and technology issues and seizing opportunities to increase sales through enhanced customer engagement

Here’s what one company said about their ISM Readiness Assessment:

“In less than a month, ISM applied its structured methodology to highlight major people, process and technology concerns, worked with our technology vendors to secure needed enhancements, and helped ensure needed management commitment to get us back on track.”

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