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Shaping Your Brand Identity in the Metaverse

Metaverse Brand Identity

Shaping Your Brand Identity in the Metaverse

Shaping Your Brand Identity in the Metaverse

How does a brand have identity in a “metaverse” that does not yet exist?

As we forge ahead with shaping a collective concept of the metaverse, identity will become a main focus. In our physical world, identity is connected to everything. We have seen large fashion and beauty brands including Givenchy and Clinique making entries in the digital space and Walmart and Nike creating their own customized experiences.

Plenty of virtual worlds have focused on character and story connecting to the player’s identity. Identity is a concept relatable to every human. We all have a certain vision of “self” constructed from our upbringing and surroundings and connecting to culture and environment, so this must carry into our digital representatives.

Identity is an amalgamation relating to both our physical and psychological being. It is the stuff that makes up our character. And this “character” is projected through our digital identities. Most recently we have seen digital identities created by influencers showcasing their physical lives in a very specific way for financial gain.

This is where the bridge between physical and digital begins to extend. As we purchase digital collectibles to store in digital wallets on a blockchain, we are building our digital identities. Companies like Mighty Jaxx are now launching physical collectibles with NFC chips which, when scanned, automatically provide a certificate of authentication. The owner will also receive a “digital twin” of that collectible to use in games on the Mighty Jaxx app. This gives even more meaning and utility to your collectibles, extending the experience far beyond merely a physical shelf where you can show your guests one at a time.

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