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Siemens Industrial Metaverse Case Study – April 2023

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Siemens Industrial Metaverse Case Study – April 2023

Siemens Industrial Metaverse Case Study

By Barton Goldenberg

Today I will discuss how Siemens, an innovative, global German company is pioneering industrial Metaverse usage. Siemen’s implementation strategy is built around the use of digital twins. In fact, Siemens believes digital twins are the building blocks for the Metaverse. What has impressed me is the extensive portfolios of simulation, optimization, testing and design tools Siemens has created to link factories to digital twins in the Metaverse.

Here are two short examples of how Siemens is actively utilizing Metaverse technologies:

  • Example 1: Siemens has designed, modelled, tested, and built a new Siemens factory in Beijing using a digital twin that simulates factory machines, people, robots, and materials to find an optimal blend of equipment and processes. This new factory is said to be 20% more productive than current factories.
  • Example 2: To illustrate the industrial Metaverse, Siemens currently is developing between now and 2035 its own smart city, called Siemensstadt Square. As a part of optimizing this digital twin city, Siemens will be determining what kind of buildings are needed, simulating personnel requirements, optimizing traffic flows and much more.

Want to learn about the four key accomplishments Siemens is seeing as pioneers in the industrial Metaverse?

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