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Sneak Preview of My July 2010 Reality Check Column

To my Blog Readers:

Next July, CRM Magazine will be publishing my article:  The Next 25-Years: Customer Centric Business Strategy.  This article will discuss my vision on the CRM marketplace for the next 25 years as the CRM industry shifts toward ‘customer centric’  business strategies that use sophisticated, easy-to-use CRM, Social CRM and Social Media tools and techniques.  The key thrust for the next 25 years will be creating and sustaining lifetime customers. 

In my article, I will be discussing three essential CRM developments that you will need to master.

1. Customer Relationship Management will move towards Customer Engagement as customer communications move from a one-way to a two-way dialog.

2. Mobile computing will be the future of enterprise computing.  With rapid advances in mobile technology and broadband, mobile devices linked to cloud-based apps will drive the next generation of CRM applications.

3.  With numerous advances in technology, there will be a new people, process and technology paradigm emerging, which will be crucial to CRM success.

My July 2010 Reality Check Column will be published in the July 2010 CRM Magazine and posted on  There will be more details on my vision on the CRM marketplace for the next 25 years in this article.  So be on the look-out for my article as soon as it is published!