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Social CRM – People, Process, Technology – What's Your Opinion?

Social CRM – People, Process, Technology – What's Your Opinion?

In the first quarter, ISM hosted a three-part webinar series – “Best Practices in Social CRM – People, Process and Technology.”  The turnout and stay-through rate was tremendous for each webinar, so we know we are onto effective learning.  The top three takeaways from the series include:

-People: (1) Legislate – have a well-stated social media policy, (2) Communicate – set clear expectations and goals for the community, and (3) Motivate – use your community to energize employees.

Process: (1) Contemplate – ensure that your social media/social CRM plan is in place with excellence, (2) Navigate – map your strategy regarding how you intend to drive your customers to the optimal point-of-sale, and (3) Calibrate – utilize metrics from the outset and be ready to test all kinds of new ideas on the community to keep it vibrant.

-Technology: (1) Automate – monitor, listen, engage and respond, (2) Integrate customers view with your CRM application, and (3) Educate – use social media to learn all about your customers’ preferences.

As we look ahead, we want your opinion on the following ISM premises and questions:

  • Social communities need to be tightly tied to business metrics in order to be profitable ventures with meaningful ROI.  How are you measuring?
  • Social media/social CRM is as relevant for B2B as it is to B2C applications, yet the majority of applications focus on building B2C communities. What can be done to level this uneven playing field?
  • The most effective social media/social CRM efforts tightly integrate community feedback to customer profiles in CRM applications.  Yet, few companies have mastered this integration? Why?
  • Organizations need to own the social community (and thus the data). Yet, owning social community is the exception not the rule, today.  What is your organization doing to take ownership?

For those that missed any of the vibrant webinars, you can still view the series in its entirely on our website. We look forward to hearing from you as we move the needle forward in the area of best practices in Social CRM.

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