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Social Media Video

Social Media Video

Again, I reiterate from my June 1 blog entry: here is a video that everyone who is following my blog should see: 

This video demonstrates that Social Media is emerging as perhaps the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution. It is produced by Erik Qualman, the author of “Socialnomics”.

Like many other top consultants, I believe that Social Media is a phenomena that will deeply influence the worldwide marketplace for years to come.  With over 200 million people joining Facebook in one year and Facebook numbers at present making it the third-largest country in the world, I agree wholeheartedly that “Social Media isn’t a fad, it’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate.”

–         Barton Goldenberg

To all my Blog readers, please feel free to post any comments on any of my posts on my Blog.  I welcome and encourage discussion/debate on my Blog postings.

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