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Sony Investing $2B Into XR (Metaverse) Research and Development

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Sony Investing $2B Into XR (Metaverse) Research and Development

Sony dives into ‘Extended Reality’ with $2 billion Research and Development (R&D) war chest.Sony Group will ramp up R&D spending in its game business, as it seeks to hone technology in live service games and the emerging field of “extended reality” that blends physical and digital worlds.

The company will pour 300 billion yen (about $2.13 billion) into research and development for its game segment for the fiscal year ending in March 2024. The amount, which will account for around 40% of its total R&D spending, now surpasses spending in electronics and semiconductors.

The figure is more than the 271.1 billion yen spent on game R&D last fiscal year, and more than double the 144.5 billion yen in fiscal 2020. Sony Group plans to spend 760 billion yen in company-wide R&D this fiscal year, up 3% on the year.If you’re interested in delving deeper into Sony’s substantial $2 billion investment in Extended Reality, there’s much more to discover!

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