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'Systems Administrator Training' For CRM Systems

'Systems Administrator Training' For CRM Systems

Here is my discussion on ‘System Administrator Training’ For CRM Systems, one of the Six Types of CRM Training:

If a vendor sold the software to your firm, this type of training takes place with the vendor and your assigned systems administrator(s). This individual(s) will be performing day-to-day system maintenance such as assigning passwords, customizing screens, and updating databases. Even if the software was built in-house, which happens about 30% of the time and usually happens because the company’s IT department feels that developing their own software will better address in-company system requirements, it is still critical that your systems administrator receives proper training.

This training typically takes between three and five days to complete, but two weeks is possible. Again, the training should be hands-on with one instructor for every three participants. Each systems administrator should receive comprehensive system

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