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Augmented Reality

meta metaverse ai

Meta’s Metaverse is Getting An AI Makeover

October 11, 2023

The Meta company has a new strategy to sell the public on its vision. It is not surprising that Mark Zuckerberg and Meta used much of Connect Conference –  once known solely as a VR conference – to talk about the company’s new generative AI tools. AI will even play a prominent role in the…

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metaverse digital twin

Why Business Leaders Need To Take The Metaverse Seriously

October 3, 2023

Recent research by the management consultancy Arthur D Little suggests that business would be ill-advised to dismiss the Metaverse out of hand in favor of a focus on AI. The Arthur D Little report provides a compelling description of how “a convergence of key technologies” is leading to a step-change in simulation capabilities, primarily via…

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metaverse safety

The Huge Task Of Building Safety Into The Metaverse

October 2, 2023

The Metaverse is a new way to interact with friends, family and strangers. It is a new way to work, study and play. We can shop, explore, travel, do business, attend concerts, go to social gatherings and engage in virtual sports-all without geolocational constraints. The Metaverse will eventually replace the Internet as we know it.…

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macys metaverse

Macy’s Goes for the Fashion Metaverse with Mstylelab

October 2, 2023

Macy’s is launching its own effort into the Metaverse with the launch of its digital fashion platform, Mstylelab. The department store is teaming up with Metaverse technology platform Journee to roll out the immersive experience, which is inspired by Macy’s newest brand, On 34th. The immersive experience will feature a surrealist recreation of New York…

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metaverse interaction

How to Interact with Metaverses

October 1, 2023

Social interaction with the Metaverse refers primarily to people using computer hardware and software to engage with digital platforms powered by the Internet, which serve as virtual spaces where users congregate, exchange information and play games. This interaction can take various forms, including direct communication, exploring the digital spaces and forums, playing games, attending events…

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metaverse trends

The Metaverse: Five Key Trends Pointing Your Business in the Right Direction

October 1, 2023

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, it is often wise for businesses to be “fast followers” rather than early adopters. By allowing others to navigate the initial challenges and uncertainties, management can make more informed decisions about where to invest their resources. Regarding the Metaverse, five key trends must be considered in determining the…

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ar definition

Augmented Reality (AR)

September 16, 2023

Augmented Reality (AR) is an interactive technology that superimposes computer-generated content such as images videos or 3D models onto the real-world environment. AR enhances a user’s perception of the physical world by overlaying digital elements allowing users to interact with both the real and virtual world simultaneously unlike virtual reality (VR) which immerses users entirely…

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metaverse refresher

Five Reasons To Still Care About The Metaverse

August 5, 2023

Five Reasons To Still Care About The Metaverse By Bernard Marr August 3, 2023 The Metaverse is the next generation of the Internet, forever altering how we experience life online. Don’t believe me? Allow me to convince you of the importance of the Metaverse. In the future, companies, institutions, and employers will operate their own…

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what is spatial computing

Defining Spatial Computing

July 11, 2023

By Tim Bajarin July 11, 2023 Apple’s Vision Pro launch made AR a significant part of their vision, emphasized the concept of spatial computing, and never even mentioned the term “metaverse.” In 2017, Apple introduced AR Kit during their software developer conference, a software tool to make AR apps for use on the iPhone and…

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woman using Apple Vision Pro vR headseat

Apple Vision Pro is Worth Every Penny…

July 6, 2023

Apple Vision Pro is Worth Every Penny… In this video, GregsGadgets reviews the Apple Vision Pro Headset. He reviews the price, technology and ease of use. Afterward, he discusses the negative feedback that some have provided for the Apple Vision Pro Headset and afterward rebuts this negative feedback with a positive review of the Apple…

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second life

Who Needs the Metaverse? Meet the People Still Living on Second Life

July 5, 2023

Who Needs the Metaverse? Meet the People Still Living on Second Life Second Life – and its more modest vision of an Internet World – persists. This month it celebrates its 20th anniversary. Its developer, Linden Lab, estimates the virtual world’s GDP to be $650m. According to the company, around 185m items are sold each…

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Metaverse and AI

The Metaverse And AI: A Powerful Combination For Business Growth And Innovation

April 15, 2023

The Metaverse And AI: A Powerful Combination For Business Growth And Innovation By Rodolfo Salazar Apr 14, 2023 I’ve had the privilege of speaking with industry experts and entrepreneurs that all agree that the powerful combination of AI and the metaverse represents a significant shift in how we interact with the world and can potentially…

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immersive experiences

Immersive Experiences in the Metaverse

April 15, 2023

Immersive Experiences in the Metaverse The metaverse offers a range of exciting experiences. Virtual concerts provide immersive and interactive shows, like Travis Scott’s Fortnite concert with stunning visuals and Marshmello’s concert attracting over 10 million attendees. Virtual scavenger hunts allow users to solve clues and collect items, with Deadmau5 organizing an augmented reality (AR) NFT…

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digital twins, metaverse for developers

Digital Twins, Unprecedented Collaboration: What the Metaverse Means for Developers

April 14, 2023

Digital Twins, Unprecedented Collaboration: What the Metaverse Means for Developers The key to collaboration in the metaverse is the term “digital twins”. The popular phrase “digital twin” is used to describe a collection of properties, identifiers and activity which can digitally represent the physical industrial asset in a realistic way. These industrial digital twins are…

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Travel Metaverse

Travelzoo Invites a Million People Into Its Travel Metaverse

April 12, 2023

Travelzoo Invites a Million People Into Its Travel Metaverse The internet media company Travelzoo is launching Travelzoo Meta, a way for travelers to experience travel in the metaverse. After months of preparation, Travelzoo Meta is the company’s effort to create the future of travel. Travelzoo Meta is a members-only service offering groundbreaking metaverse travel experiences,…

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enterprise XR

Campfire Launches Holographic Collaboration System For Enterprise XR

April 6, 2023

Campfire Launches Holographic Collaboration System For Enterprise XR Campfire has launched its holographic collaboration system for enterprise extended reality (XR) applications. At the core of the system is a new multi-platform app for PC, Mac, and iPad — as well as a specialized XR headset for the PC. Now teams can collaborate across those platforms…

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metaverse school

Inside the 'Metaverse School' Teaching Pupils in VR

April 6, 2023

Inside the ‘Metaverse School’ Teaching Pupils in VR When you can shrink yourself down to explore the inner workings of the human heart in vivid virtual reality; biology class might never be the same again. Pupils at Reddam House School in Berkshire, England, are using VR headsets to enter the metaverse for a variety of…

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AI vs Metaverse

AI vs. Metaverse: Friends or Foes?

April 1, 2023

AI vs. Metaverse: Friends or Foes? With all the hype and the vibe around Artificial Intelligence, what is really left about the Metaverse? A recent survey mentioned in the Wall Street Journal found that most brands state that they will continue to make long-term investments in the immersive three-dimensional experience that define the Metaverse. Artificial…

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augmented reality trends

12 Augmented Reality Trends of 2023: New Milestones in Immersive Technology

March 7, 2023

12 Augmented Reality Trends of 2023: New Milestones in Immersive Technology Innovative technologies transform science fiction into reality, and AR is undoubtedly one of them. Today, augmented reality is an effective business tool. Across a number of different industries like retail, business, gaming, healthcare, and even the military, augmented reality is used for solving various…

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Man in VR headset with Metaverse written on it

Companies in the Metaverse

March 6, 2023

Companies in the Metaverse – A Growing Phenomenon in Different Industries According to Fortune Business Insights, the size of the global metaverse market was $63.83 billion in 2021. Experts agree that the metaverse is in for huge growth in the coming years. They estimate its value will rise to an impressive $1,527 billion in 2029.…

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