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Channel Optimization

Channel Optimization

Key Channel Optimization Challenges

September 7, 2017

By Barton Goldenberg Any organization wishing to be around in 10 years will have to execute a sound channel optimization strategy.  That strategy must answer at least these two questions: (1) Is the organization optimizing channel partner integration, the channels that their customers use, or both? and (2) How is the organization accommodating multi-channel optimization?…

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Channel Optimization Processes

Optimizing Channels Via Integrated Processes and Technology

August 31, 2017

By Barton Goldenberg A second key component of channel optimization is optimizing each selected channel – see diagram above – through the use of integrated processes and technology. (The first key component is achieving a balance between fulfilling each customer’s desired channel preferences versus achieving the organization’s desire to secure the lowest cost-to-serve channel option…

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Channel Optimization Challenges

Organizational Channel Optimization Challenges

August 10, 2017

By Barton Goldenberg To succeed at channel optimization, organizational management must overcome the challenges of finding the right balance between delivering desired customer channel preferences while simultaneously driving customers to the lowest cost-to-serve channel that is acceptable to them. The key challenge for organizations is to find the right balance between delivering desired customer channel…

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Channel Preference Optimization Diagram

The Importance of Channel Optimization Towards Profitability

August 3, 2017

By Barton Goldenberg All organizations at one time or another have dealt with happy and unhappy customers, profitable and unprofitable customers as well as ‘high maintenance’ and ‘low maintenance’ customers.  What if an organization had a magic wand and could optimize the channel(s) that each of their customers uses such that each customer gets to…

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5 Steps to a More Effective Channel Partner Relationship

July 27, 2017

Working with a channel sales partner is a unique relationship. Barton shares a few ways to stand out from the crowd, build your relationship, and sell more effectively with channel partners, in this article from Salesforce’s Quotable blog.

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CRM Magazine Articles by Barton

CRM Magazine – Customer Experience Management: Give Your Customers the Experiences They Want

April 18, 2017

Customer experience management needs to be at the vanguard of your strategy… View the full article here.

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Channel Optimization

Channel Optimization: Two Rules

February 27, 2015

By Barton Goldenberg When is the right time for an organization to encourage its customers to utilize the Contact Center channel to receive support versus encouraging them to use the Social Media channel, the web channel, the bricks and mortar channel, etc.? Should an organization segment its customers and pro-actively decide which support options to…

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Channel Optimization Webinar

Channel Optimization

January 27, 2015

…. the most important area affecting an organization’s profitability By: Barton Goldenberg, Founder & President, ISM Do you know your customers’ preferences in communication channels? Do you know the cost of serving customers via each preferred channel? If the answer is  no to either question, you are invited to get the answers by attending the…

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